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Lauren Lilley

Bachelor of Science in Health- Texas A&M University, 2007
Certified Personal Trainer:
    Cooper Institute- 2007
    National Academy of Sports Medicine-2009
Corrective Exercise Specialist:
    National Academy of Sports Medicine-2010
CPR/AED Certified- 2012

I have been training for 6 1/2 years. I got started in this business because I have a true passion for helping people, and I love spending the one on one time with my clients helping them feel better. For my internship in college, I worked under the wing of my mentor, Charlie Lima. He owned his own personal training business, and had hired 7 trainers to service his clients. I was the "office manager", and I got my first certification in the beginning of the internship program. Upon graduating in August of 2007, I moved to California to work at Frog's Fitness in Solana Beach. I worked as a personal trainer and an assistant to a Chiropractor for two years, learning the body and getting my feet wet in the fitness industry. In 2009 I journeyed back to Dallas, where I got a job at 24 Hour Fitness. I climbed the ladder from Personal Trainer 3 to Master Trainer, and finally to Assistant Fitness Manager in 2012. This position enabled me to continue training full time while managing 6 other trainers at the same time. It was a true test of my knowledge, determination, and ability as a leader and trainer. Throughout my years as a trainer I have learned many lessons and skills that money just can't buy. I employ muscle release therapy along with my sessions which has helped my clients to relieve some pain from tension and overall imbalances of the muscles.
Resistance training
Weight Loss
Recognizing/Correcting Muscle Imbalances
Cardio Prescription
Muscle Pain Relief


I have experience with:

Shin splints
Knee replacement surgery
Pre and Post natal
People currently using physical therapy
Rotator cuff injuries