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Exercising While Pregnant

by Lauren Lilley
in General

I have several pregnant friends and clients who have asked me about the safety of working out while pregnant. Since all you babes are getting knocked up, let's discuss!!


1) As long as you have a low risk pregnancy, it is completely acceptable to maintain your current workout regimen until the third trimester.

2)If you have a high risk pregnancy, CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR before beginning a workout program.

3) Once approved by your doctor, if you have not been exercising prior to being pregnant, WORK WITH A PROFESSIONAL (ME, duh!)!!

4) In the third trimester, it is recommended that you do not squat or lift over 20 pounds. This DOES NOT mean that you can't get a great workout still. Body weight exercises are very challenging and it is definitely possible to continue a very successful exercise routine through the third trimester, all the way until you go in for delivery!


It is very important to understand your own body and do the research when attempting exercise during pregnancy. Give me a call at (469)323-3465 if you have questions or would like for me to put you on a prenatal program! I also have expertise in post natal!!!

Stay focused, Mommy's, and help your little nugget be the healthiest possible by keeping yourself the healthiest you can possibly be!! pregnancy


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