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The Power of Positivity

by Lauren Lilley
in General

So, I'm sure that you would think that because I'm a personal trainer, my passion is fitness. In actuality, this isn't true.


My passion is people. Fitness is simply the avenue I've chosen to reach people. If you have ever been a client of mine, you know that I don't only get involved on a professional level. It's my hope that all of you feel that I truly care about your well-being and overall status, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional. I have had the pleasure of working with people in all walks of life. Those who have always been blessed, and those who have dealt with life hardships. I have to say, it is the most rewarding thing in the world to see them come out of those hardships! I've had clients beat CANCER, I've had clients who have lost their spouse, I've had clients lose children and I've had clients who have lost jobs and pets. For some of them, with their loss they also lost themselves, and I have been fortunate enough to walk with them in their healing process. I've seen people bounce back from any hardship under the sun, and it KEEPS ME GOING! I've had a bout of negative thought processes myself in recent months, and I have to say, as much as I hope that I have helped my clients, seeing how STRONG these men and women, my clients, makes me a better person, and has helped me to turn around my negative thoughts.   It has become so apparent to me that our MINDS are very, very strong muscles. They can control us, and bring us down, even when we really want to be up. Negativity can consume you. Having positive energy, love, and supportive people surrounding you is SO IMPORTANT you guys!  I'm so EXTREMELY proud on my clients and friends. I get letters and emails thanking me for helping them feel better about themselves, but I want you to know that you all have the exact same impact on me!

Fitness has helped myself and others live a more positive, full, and happy life. Fitness doesn't have to be your channel to positivity, but find what works for you! I've found that the more fit and active I am (this includes monitoring my nutrition), the happier and more complete I feel. This business I'm in ISN'T about having a pretty body. It's about being the BEST VERSION OF YOU. If you have been, are currently, or will be my client, I hope that I let you know on a regular basis how much it means to me that you're choosing me to help you through this process. You are all so strong and I love each individual story that comes along with the client. THANK YOU ALL so much for being a part of my journey as well as making me a part of yours!!



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