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For most of my life I have been a fairly active and fit person. All through school I was tall and a bit lanky but never fat. After school I joined the Army and while staying lean put on a substantial amount of muscle. From 1985 until 1992 I stayed between 200 and 205 pounds and around 12% body fat. After the Army my level of physical activity dropped quite a bit and unfortunately my diet and appetite stayed the same. I quickly shot up to 230 lbs. Twenty five pounds was enough, I started to work out again intensively and brought my weight back down to 210, then continued to work hard and added another 10-15 pounds of muscle to reach a steady state of 220 and about 15% body fat. I pretty much stayed within +/- 10 lbs of this weight through most of my 30s. Then in 2004 my world came crashing down. My wife of 17 years was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer. That year she underwent surgery where they pulled a grapefruit size tumor from colon. She fought with more courage and heart than any solider I ever fought with on the battlefield. However, after six years of fighting, the cancer took her life. During those six years, I focused all of my energy on helping her and my daughter. I ate whatever was easy, mostly fast food, and never exercised. Not only did I not have the energy to spare, I just didn’t care about my own wellbeing. How could I? Seeing my family suffer and being powerless to stop it.
For some time after my wife died, I was overcome by grief and became even more self-destructive. After six months, I finally started pulling myself together for my daughter’s sake, if for no other reason. By then I was 310 pounds, drinking all the time and was smoking again (after being on the wagon for more than 10 years). So I put the bottle down, threw away the cigarettes and started to watch my diet. The first 40 pounds came off pretty quick but then I started struggling. My past experience with diet and exercise did not really equipped me well enough to deal with such damage. Everything was hard. Hell, I had trouble climbing a single flight of stairs. It was very clear at this time that I needed to get some help.
I went into 24 hour fitness, signed up for an annual membership and asked for a good trainer. They introduced me to Lauren who was not only this petite woman who weighed about as much as one of my legs (at least at the time) but was also about my daughter’s age. It is fair to say I was skeptical at first but it didn’t take long before it was clear she not only knew her stuff but she also had the moxie to kick my ass when it needed to be kicked, which early on was all the time.
Lauren really took me under her wing and healed me. More than my body she also helped my spirit recover. She monitored a daily food log that I entered online and dinged me when I cheated. She motivated me to come to the gym every week and push myself harder. She revitalized that spark I had back from my Army days when I really enjoyed working out and testing myself physically. When we first met, I weighed 267 pounds with well over 40% body fat and one foot still in the grave. In less than a year, I lost more than 50 pounds of fat and added back some of the lean muscle I had lost. When we stopped training together, I was back to 217 w/ 18% body fat. I stopped training with Lauren, simply due to financial reasons but her friendship and the lessons she taught me will stay with me forever.
I have never been a very spiritual man but when Lauren (whose full name is Lauren Lilly) sent me her email address for the first time, I knew it wasn’t just coincidence. Right there at the start of her email address was “Lulu”, my deceased wife’s first name. 


Lauren is a great Personal Trainer!!  She has helped me lose close to 100 pounds in ten months.  She is very knowledgeable about the latest weight loss tech like MyFitnessPal  and other  apps that have aided me in reaching my fitness goals.  Her workout routines are never boring. Even though they usually follow the same path they are varied enough to keep you interested.  She has been able to keep me motivated  even thru the Holidays and any weight loss plateaus I experienced this last year.  You should consider yourself lucky and be very thankful if you hire her as your personal trainer.


David Belcher

"Throughout my life I have prided myself on being active and on exercising regularly. My cardiovascular routine has enabled me to live and to look healthy. However, I have largely ignored my flexibility training and strength conditioning. No longer. Recently I have retained Lauren Lilley as my personal trainer and, in the process, I have discovered a whole new world. Thanks to Lauren, my workouts now include creative exercises, calisthenics and weight lifting. Every visit is different, interesting and challenging. Lauren possesses a unique blend of discipline and fun.She develops a personal relationship with each of her clients, too. As a result, I am dedicated to our scheduled sessions and I am feeling more energetic and optimistic about my physical and mental health. "

-Kevin Hanrahan